Teaching Orphans

At the beginning of 2015, some of our kids from the primary orphanage we work with were moved to another facility. This place had a bad reputation for some shady things happening, so we were not at all happy to hear about this transition. However, after we looked into it, we saw that some major corrections /improvements had been made. The facility is in good shape, and there had been some staff changes, which helped with the problems. So we're currently working there 3-4 times a week (in addition to the other work we're doing). It's been quite interesting to see how kids in the system respond to our teaching. Some of the kids are quite bright, and you can see they've been studying some of our lessons when we're gone. They've learned the English alphabet (and can almost sing the whole  ABC song). What's more staggering is to see the kids who have not learned. And I'm not just talking about our lessons. There's a 13 year old that doesn't know his letters in Romanian. There are some kids with 0 s ...

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6 Lessons from our Furlough

Our family just returned from furlough after almost 3 months. It's the longest furlough we've taken, and it definitely hasn't been easy. Here are 6 things we learned from our trip: #1 - You're reminded who your family is. Yes, this is a given. You're thousands of miles away from the people who will always be close to you. It's a family reunion every time you step off the plane. Grandma and Grandpa, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,  cousins - it's a big party. We're just trying to make the best of the short time we have. Sometimes living so far away makes it difficult to keep that close bond. Furlough gives you a chance to reconnect with your family and close friends. We live in this age of communication, but a hug means more than any email or Facebook status ever will.   #2 - You're not on vacation. Sure, it's California (for us, at least) and it's sunny and there's a beach nearby. Our friends took us to Legoland for a Christmas present. We get to see a lot of fun things, bu ...

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Not sure about your neck of the woods, but here in Bucharest, we're betting on a White Christmas. It's already snowing quite a bit here, and we're huddling up for warmth!

We want to share with you something that's been on our hearts for awhile. We want to give the opportunity to everyone to sponsor one of the kids from Anchor of Hope. We present: UnHindered.




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Working for Play{ground}

We are rebuilding our playground. We say "rebuilding" but that's a bit of a misnomer since our kids currently don't have a playground at all. Now, if you've come to visit on a missions trip and spent time at the orphanage, you know there's a playground outside. You also know it's not in too terrible of shape. It definitely doesn't need to be rebuilt. You're absolutely right - but it's not our playground, and we're not supposed to use it.

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3 Take-aways from our First Summer Camp

Hi there! We are Christian and Marie Burtt and this is our first time writing a blog post for Anchor of Hope. We are fairly new to the Anchor of Hope team, just joining last February after helping with a church plant in Chișinău, Moldova. We've definitely experienced summer camp before - youth camp is basically a rite-of-passage for many kids. We've also been counselors before. But all our previous experience with camp flew right out the window with this group. Read more!

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2013 New year

    Inainte de a trece in anul 2013 am facut cateva vizite copiilor de la centru ,la apartamentele unde locuiesc.Am impartit cateva cadouri (jucarii, haine, dulciuri), au fost foarte bucurosi si entuziasmati de vizitele noaste la ei la apartamente. Aceste vizite, au o foarte mare importanta in viata lor  in primul rand acesti copilasi ne primesc  in viata lor , nu numai fugitiv, un timp indelungat in care poti sa discuti cu ei poti sa ii asculti , asa cum fac prietenii intre ei, asa doresc si ei. Multi dintre ei au fost dusi in familii de sarbatori, sau familii adoptive, dar  din pacate o parte au ramas in apartamentele lor cu doamnele supraveghetoare.E trist sa stii ca acesti copii au fost nascuti de mame inconstiente ,de parinti fara nici o responsabilitate  care i-au lasat de izbeliste in centre pe strazi etc.De sarbatori i-am sunat sa le urez un an mai bun.Vorbind cu una dintre fetitele de la apartament la telefon, mi-am dat seama din vocea ei cat de trista si singura se si ...

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Month of August

The month on August we are having a meeting every Tuesday and every Friday with the girls from the orphanage. They have start being friendlier and more open with us. At our last meeting I taught them how to take care of their hair and helped them do few beauty things :). It was very fun! For next week I invited one of the girls from our church, an aerobic instructor, to come and show the girls few exercises and do it with them.  In luna august ne intalnim in fiecare marti si vineri cu fetele din orfelinat. Au inceput sa devina tot mai prietenoase si deschise. La ultima intalnire le-am invatat sa-si ingrijeasca parul si le-am ajutat sa-si faca cateva coafuri...:) A fost foarte distractiv. Saptamana viitoare am invitat o fata din biserica noastra care este profesoara de aerobic sa vina si sa faca cateva exercitii si cu fetele din centru.  This month, we've also started a class with the boys from the orphanage. Wednesday we are meeting with the boys up till 10 years old and Thursday we ...

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Nu ma parasi!

Sunt singur pe cale, si  rau ma doare,

Ca nu mai pot sa stau pe picioare.

Incepe sa se intunece, 

Nu mai vad nimic in zare

Unde esti tu oare?

Inima-mi imi bate rau.

Si simt fiorul rece din nou

M-ai lasat singur sub un nor.

Ce pot sa face eu oare?

Sa te am pe tine floare

Te-am iubit o scumpa mama.

Chiar daca sunt mic

Si tu crezi  ca eu  nu  stiu nimic

Stiu ca ti-a fost greu

Sa cresti un pitic.

Asa cum sunt eu.

Nu iti cer nimic ce trece peste masura

Vreau sa stau cu tine in trasura

Cum stateam odinioara

Si ne plimbam pe afara.

Ma sarutai pe obrajori

Si imi spuneai ca sunt al tau.

Pasi marunti incep sa fac

Cu lacrimi pe obraz,

Te strig,  o mama vino azi!

Sa incepem o noua zi.

Sa sti ca o sa te astept aici!

Vreau si eu un Paradis!

 Vreau si eu un Paradis,

Am aparut de nicaieri,

 Am aflat tocmai ieri.

 Am fost trist.

 Sufletul mi s-a intristat,

 De nimeni nu mi-a mai pasat.

Am crezut ca e un vis,

Ca sunt si eu in PAradis.

 Dar ei mi-au zis ,

 Ca nu o sa mai fiu in paradis.

 Ca o sa cresc ,

Si acest loc o sa parasesc.

Fiecare zi care trecea,

 Speram sa pot sa fiu cu ea.

 La usa sau la geam…

 O asteptam pe ea.

 Si ziceam in sinea mea.


O mama draga,

 Oare o sa vii ?

 Eu nu mai pot sa stau aici,

 Daca tu nu o sa vii.

 Eu cred ca voi fugi,

 Spre un alt Paradis!

Alb si negru

      Alb si  negru…    De multe ori in viata mea vedeam 2 culori , alb sau negru ,niciodata roz.  In viata mea nu am avut niciun rost  Ca toata viata mea am fost un prost,  Sau cel putin asa am fost crescut,  Sau asa am crezut. Si uite asa a inceput… Am fost doar un bebe, cand la spital m-au lasat, Nimeni nu m-a intrebat  Cu cine vreau sa stau Din mana in mana m-au plasat Am crescut cu oameni care nu “ma vedeau “ Oameni care nu ma acceptau . Imi era greu cand se intuneca, Si totul in jur parca se rotea, Nu eram singur in odaia mea, Mai erau si ei inghemuiti, Dar totusi imi era frica caci noaptea se apropia. Doar luna de pe cer mai lumina, Stelele presarau umbre de speranta, Spre o lume unde e alta viata. In acel moment am stiut Ca m-am nascut dar nu sa traiesc  pentru aceasta viata. ...

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