Other Anchor of Hope Programs


Anchor of Hope supports babies to be placed in foster homes, providing basic care needs for the child as well any other needs the child may have. The children are evaluated once a month and are visited by an Anchor of Hope staff regularly. The purpose of the foster families are to keep the children from going into the state run institutions, and giving them the chance to develop in a family situation rather than institution. 


The young mothers program is for girls who grew up in orphanages and now have children of their own. Growing up in an orphanage situation, you are not taught how to care for yourself, much-less to care for a baby; so when these girls grow up and end up having their own child, many of them do not know what to do. Due to the high rate of prostitution and trafficking, many of the girls end up pregnant at young ages (14-15 years old) and find themselves in a very difficult situation. Anchor of Hope not only provides prevention programs for these girls, but also provides programs for the girls who do end up with babies. The girls are taught how to care for themselves as well for their child. Of course some do better than others, but all of them know that they can call one of the Anchor of Hope staff at any time if they ever need anything. Outside of classes and special projects, we also take them on special outings for mothers day (March) and in the summer. Each one of the girls are taught of Christ's love for us and the importance of bringing up their baby in Him and that He has an amazing plan for each one of them.