Who we are


The revolution of December 1989, brought the execution of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and the communist party was defeated. With the fall of the communist party came the discovery of the orphan situations. Ceausescu outlawed abortions and forced women to have more children when Romania was facing a shortage of food and heating oil. This led to many families abandoning their children. These children suffered great abuse and neglect in these state-run government institutions, while the world knew nothing of their existence. 

In 2008, UNICEF reported that there were 24,000 children living in the Romanian institutional settings (orphanages) and that nearly 4,000 babies were abandoned each year.There are a total of over 100,000 children in the Romanian child protection system today. The majority of these abandoned children come from the Roma community or from very poor rural families. In Bucharest alone, there are over twenty "orphanages" (Placement centers). Although Romania has greatly improved their orphanage situations, the funds are still tight and many children are still being abandoned. 


Anchor of Hope was founded by Sarah Smith in 2010. Sarah is from Wilmington, NC and is a Liberty University graduate with a B.S. in Psychology and a M.A. in Family and Child Counseling with a specialty in Child Development. Sarah's first trip to Romania was in 2006, when she fell in love with the country and the orphaned children there. She then came back to Romania every summer and Christmas for the next few years while she was getting her college degree, and God continued to draw her heart to the country. In 2009, Sarah moved to Romania to work with another organization who work with young mothers and who have a maternal center in the capitol city. God used this organization and the people there to lead her heart to start Anchor of Hope. Anchor of Hope Romania Ministries was first thought of as Sarah was praying with one of the young mothers at this maternal center one evening...God lead her heart to Hebrews 6:19 where it talks about Jesus being the anchor of our souls and is our one true hope in this world. For these orphaned and abandoned children, Jesus is their only hope in the midsts of what seems hopeless. After this, God began to lead the way of founding Anchor of Hope Romania. 

In 2010, Anchor of Hope Romania was officially an NGO (non-profit organization) and in 2011 became an official NGO (ONG-Romania) in Romania. 

Anchor of Hope has programs supporting abandoned children from ages newborn to adults:

1) Abandoned baby hospitals

2) Orphanage programs

3) Programs and for children who are out of the orphanage