Abandoned Babies

Although the orphanage situation has improved, there are still thousands of babies abandoned each year in Romania. UNCIF stated that there were over 4,000 babies abandoned in one year (2008), and this number is not declining. Romania has the highest number of abortions in the world (2011), and yet there are still hospitals and orphanages full of abandoned babies. The Roma (gypsy) population typically begin to have children around the age of 14 or 15 and have an average of 14 pregnancies each, because they can not afford forms of birth control. They see their only solution is to leave their newborns in the hospital after birth. Others abandon their babies because they may have physical problems and others due to the financial situation. This past year, Anchor of Hope has cared for over 100 abandoned babies. 

We (AOH) provide basic care for the babies- changing, feeding, playing with, taking them out in the park, and loving on them. Because the Romanian government is tight on funds, there are not enough to provide for the abandoned babies left in hospitals and orphanages. Anchor of Hope also provides them with diapers, clothes, wipes, shampoo, medication, and other baby needs. 

Our volunteer program provides these babies with interaction, love, and stimulation which every baby needs to develop normally. There is someone from Anchor of Hope with the babies seven days a week. Without these volunteers and staff, the babies would lay in their cribs day in and day out with no stimulation- causing developmental problems which would lead them to be placed in handicap orphanages. 

Please pray for the Romanian government and that international adoptions would open soon. Pray for each one of the abandoned babies, that they would be placed in families and be given a chance at a normal life.